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Title: After All (Sequel to Can't Let You Go) - Chapter Seven
Rating: R
Pairings: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. The characters and events portrayed are fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
Note: A huge thank you to [info]bigj52. Thank you for being an amazing beta.

Chapter Seven

“Kris, you’ve been moping around here for over a week now,” Daniel said, gathering up his dishes from the coffee table. “What’s going on?”
Kris was lying down on the couch, dozing on and off when the mood struck him. Hearing his brother’s comment, he lifted his head off the pillow just long enough to shoot him a dirty look. “I haven’t been moping.”
“Oh yeah, you have,” Daniel affirmed, dropping his dishes into the sink. “Ever since Katy’s wedding you’ve been moping.”
Of all the nerve. He wasn’t moping. He was depressed. There was a difference as far as he was concerned. “I’m bored.”
“Then get your ass up off the couch and do something.” He clanged his dishes together loudly. “You can start by washing my dishes.”
Kris rolled over, burying his face into the back of the couch. He just wanted to be left alone to wallow in his depression. Was it too much to ask? He groaned loudly. “Do your own dishes.”
“Ah…come on, bro,” Daniel whined, clearly heading over to where he was lying. “You love doing my dishes.” He shook Kris’s shoulder.
“Says who?”
“You always do my dishes.”
“I only do your dishes because you’re too lazy to do them yourself,” Kris bellyached, rolling back over to face him.
Daniel sat down on the loveseat and put his feet up on the coffee table. “You and Brian need to get a life.” He grabbed the remote and aimed it at the television. “You guys never do anything besides sit around and watch movies.”
“Tell me about it,” Kris moaned. He was beginning to grow tired of moving-watching himself. Every night, for the past week, that was all he and Brian had done. Movie after movie after movie. And nine times out of ten, he fell asleep before they were even thirty minutes into the movie.
It wasn’t like he didn’t try to suggest they go out because he did, Brian just always flatly refused.
Daniel looked at Kris briefly, scrunching up his nose. “At least get up and take a shower or something.”
“Screw you, Daniel. I don’t stink. I took a shower last night when I got off work.”
Daniel laughed, blowing him off with a wave of his hand. “You’d think with your schedule, you would have jumped at the opportunity to get out and do something today. This was your first day off in over a week.”
“I’m tired,” Kris moaned, scrubbing his face with his hands. “You try working with kids and see if you feel like doing anything besides relaxing on the couch.”
“You mean moping on the couch, don’t you?” Daniel flipped through the television stations at warped speed. “Why don’t you head over to see Katy and Cale? She called here the other day wanting to talk to you.”
Kris thought for a long moment, slowly rising to a sitting position. “That’s not a bad idea. Brian’s got therapy tonight so It’d give me a chance to talk to them alone without him breathing down my neck.”
Daniel laughed, throwing the remote down. “That boy doesn’t let you out of his sight, does he? How can you stand it?”
Kris stood up from the couch and shrugged. “I can’t.”
“He’s got some serious issues he needs to deal with. Is he even aware of that?”
No truer words had been spoken. “I think that’s why he’s in therapy, Daniel.” Making his way up the stairs, he yelled over his shoulder. “And you need to find yourself a girlfriend!”
Walking into his bedroom, he frowned at himself when he stopped in front of the mirror on his dresser. He did look pretty pathetic. And it pretty much started and stopped with his hair. It was pretty much all over the place except where it should be. Daniel was right, he did need a shower but he didn’t want to be bothered.
Hastily he ran his comb through it a couple of times. Quickly, he grabbed his bag and headed back down the stairs.
“I can see you showered,” Daniel groaned, shaking his head.
“Katy and Cale love me for my inner beauty.”
Pulling into the gated community, Adam sighed. The paperwork had been signed, sealed and hand delivered to the realtor. The “FOR SALE” sign was firmly planted into the front yard lawn and he was now one step closer to finally putting some closure to his life.
Closure that he really didn’t want, but something that was necessary for all parties involved.
After listening to Kris’s message on his cell phone the week prior, he knew he was doing the right thing. He didn’t even second-guess himself this time. He knew it was time. Time to set things straight.
Within two days of hearing Kris’s message, Adam was back in Hollywood and making arrangements to sell his house. There was no use in prolonging the inevitable. And after interviewing a handful of realtors for the past three days, he’d finally made his decision. Rachel Moreman was the realtor of choice. She was the most enthusiastic one of the bunch; a real go-getter and the only one who seemed to be genuinely interested.
After quick negotiations, evaluations and documentations…he was set to go.
Adam pulled into the driveway and directly into the garage. There, he sat for a few minutes and took in the events of the last week. In a little less than one week, he’d run into Kris, managed to become friends with Kris, slept with Kris, lost his friendship with Kris and put his house up for sale.
What a week!
He jumped out of the car and headed straight into the house. Grabbing the empty boxes by the front door, he made his way into the living room and started packing up the remainder of Kris’s things. He was bound and determined to either hand deliver them to him or mail them to him. He hadn’t quite made up his mind yet on that one, but somehow, he was going to get his things to Kris.
Kris didn’t leave much behind when he’d left, but he left enough for Adam to realize that Kris’d probably want them back at some point in his life.
Better now than never.
Slowly, he picked up the picture frames from the fireplace mantel, eyeing it carefully before placing it gently into the box. Adam knew how much Kris loved those pictures so he wasn’t about to take any chances at damaging them.
Once the entire fireplace mantel was cleared, he dragged the box into the kitchen. There were a handful of picture frames that Kris had left on the open space above the cupboards. He grabbed a chair and worked his way up and on to the counter.
It only took him five minutes to clear the cupboards and another five minutes to package them into the box carefully. He closed the box when he was finished and began rummaging through the junk drawers in search of a black marker.
Adam smiled at the amount of stuff that was still crammed into the junk drawers, quickly frowning when he’d pulled out the adoption folder. It brought back memories. Memories that he was desperately trying to push aside. He threw the folder into the box as well. Kris could have it back as far as Adam was concerned. He didn’t have any use for it.
It only took him another minute or two before he stumbled across what he was looking for. Taking the marker, he wrote Kris’s name on all four sides of the box and dragged it to the corner of the room.
The whole task took less than twenty minutes to accomplish, but it left him emotionally drained. He made his way into the bedroom and pulled back the covers on the bed.

Kris’s visit to Katy and Cale’s house only lasted an hour. Katy was out shopping and Cale was busy getting dinner ready. Cale invited him to stay for dinner, but he politely declined, citing his need to go to bed early. He really was exhausted and he really did need to try and hit the sack early.
If that was the case then, why was he turning down the long drive to Adam’s place?
He was too tired to try and figure that one out. The only thing he could think about was taking a few minutes to relax and swing on his swing. Which brought him to another question. Why didn’t he just move that swing back to his house?
Another good question, but again, he was too tired to think about it. Deep down, he knew exactly why he hadn’t moved the swing…he was afraid. Afraid to finalize what he knew he needed to, afraid to say the final goodbye and afraid to take the first permanent step towards his future.
Quite frankly, he was a coward.
Slowly, Kris pulled into the driveway. He blinked numerous times before finally realizing that what he was seeing was really true. It was neither a figment of his imagination nor was it his eyes playing tricks on him. He blinked again, just to make sure.
It was real all right. It was definitely real and it was definitely over.
Getting out of the car, he made his way over to the “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard. He ran his fingers along the edge of the sign, hoping against all hope that it was just his mind playing tricks on him. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t anything of the sort. And as much as he wanted to break down and sob, he didn’t.
He knew this day was coming. Adam had warned him himself that he was thinking about putting the place up for sale. The words had come straight from his lips. At the time, Kris blew it off thinking it’d be down the road…months perhaps or even a year.
It had only been one week.
It was as real as Kris was.
Hollywood would no longer hold a home for Adam.
The tears stung at his eyes as he fought them back. He was a man in his thirties, a man who was about to break down and cry at just the sight of a “FOR SALE” sign. A man who was acting like a child. He shook his head aimlessly, refusing to let the tears fall.
Kris needed to be strong. They had both moved on with their separate lives already. It started a year ago; he should be used to this by now. But sadly, he wasn’t. And he was pretty sure that five years down the road, he still wouldn’t be used to the idea that he and Adam had separate lives.
At one time, he considered Adam his soul mate. At one time, Adam considered him to be his soul mate and yet, they weren’t anything of the sort. They weren’t even friends. How did everything get so screwed up?
Kris hit the sign with his hand, cursing it up one side and down the other. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Their relationship wasn’t supposed to end. It was supposed to live on forever and ever.
They promised each other that they’d always be there for one another. What happened to their wedding vows? What happened to ‘til death do us part? Dammit, neither one of them were dead!
Kris hit the sign one last time before marching up to the front door. Adam could sell the house if he wanted, but he wasn’t going to sell it with Kris’s belongings in it. And Adam sure wasn’t going to take his belongings with him to New York or wherever it was that he was going to call home now. No way in hell. Kris’d throw himself in front of the moving truck if it came down to it. He wasn’t going to let Adam steal or discard his things like that.
He unlocked the door and kicked it open with his foot. He waited to hear the alarm warning go off and after a few seconds, realized that it wasn’t even set. He didn’t give it much thought since the house was up for sale and more than likely, the alarm wouldn’t be set because of it. Hesitantly, he slammed the front door shut and marched directly into the living room.
Looking at the fireplace mantel for a good thirty seconds, his heart dropped. His picture frames were already gone. Gone. Someone had probably already lifted them. Pissed beyond belief, he stood on the loveseat next to the fireplace and worked his way up and on to the fireplace mantel.
Thankfully, it was a massive oak mantel that was well over a foot and a half wide if he had to guess. Hopefully, it would hold him while he removed the stone and black marble clock that hung above the mantel. It was a wedding gift from Brian’s parents and even though he really didn’t give a hoot about that, he wasn’t about to let Adam sell it or take it with him. Adam was already taking his broken heart, Kris wasn’t about to let him steal more time than he already had.
“I really hope that mantel holds you.”
Hearing Adam’s voice, Kris froze momentarily before steadying himself quickly against the brick. Gripping it, he turned his head around. “And if it doesn’t, I’ll sue your ass if I get hurt,” he heaved through a clenched jaw.
“What the hell is your problem?” Adam asked, making his way to Kris. “And get your ass down before you do fall. Mantels aren’t meant to hold people.”
“No shit, Sherlock,” Kris moaned, reaching for the clock. “I’ll get down just as soon as I get my clock off here.” He struggled to keep his balance while removing the clock from the nail it was latched on to. It wasn’t easy given the state he was now in, but once he managed to accomplish his mission, he slightly turned and tossed the clock down onto the loveseat.
“Oh…so now it’s just your clock, huh?” Adam reached up and extended his hand to help Kris down.
“I don’t need your help,” Kris huffed, jumping onto the loveseat.
“Take it easy on the furniture,” Adam moaned, shaking his head, frowning.
“Screw your furniture.” Kris jumped off the loveseat, landing on the floor. “You’re selling it anyway, so what do you care?”
Adam’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not selling the furniture. I’m selling the house.”
Kris reached down and brushed himself off. Seeing his old holey sweatpants up close reminded him of exactly how he looked. Terrible. He hadn’t even showered. Feeling the heat rise to his cheeks, he closed his eyes and stayed bent down.
“What’re you doing here anyway?”
The tone of Adam’s voice was about to set Kris off in a major way. It was condescending and demeaning. Sarcastic and curt. What was Adam’s problem? He was the one who got his picture frames stolen, not Adam. Lifting his head slowly, Kris took in Adam’s attire, inch by inch.
Maybe it was more of Adam’s lack of attire that Kris took in. He was only clad in black boxer briefs. That was it. Just his damn underwear. His damn, tight underwear that left very little to Kris’s overactive imagination. “Getting my stuff out before the house sells,” he replied, trying to act unaffected by Adam’s current state of undress.
“I’ve already boxed your stuff up,” Adam replied neutrally, pointing to the kitchen. “They’re in the kitchen, in a box marked with your name on it.” Taking a deep breath, he blew it out. “I wouldn’t sell your stuff, you should know that.”
Kris heard what Adam said, but his mind couldn’t register anything else besides Adam’s outward appearance. Despite his short hair, Adam had a wonderful case of bed head… bed head that any man would be hard pressed to pass up without at least running one tiny finger through it. “What’d you do to your hair?”
Quickly, Adam’s hand shot up to his head. “I just got up.”
“I can see that,” Kris retaliated, bringing his hand up. Without thinking, he reached out and ran a hand through it and just as quickly, his hand dropped and smacked his thigh. Kris turned around, placing his back towards Adam. He couldn’t look at Adam anymore. He was afraid of what he would do. Afraid of what he shouldn’t do.
Hearing Adam let out a little laugh, he tensed right up. He grew even tenser as the silence went undisturbed between them. What was Adam up to?
Kris could feel that Adam was right behind him now. His breath was clearly evident on the back of his exposed neck. If only he had longer hair, he wouldn’t have been so vulnerable. “I can read you like a book, Kris…you should know that.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Adam leaned over and placed his hands on Kris’s arms, his mouth closer to his ear. “You’re trembling,” he whispered, placing a small kiss on Kris’s neck.
“Don’t kiss me,” he quipped.
Adam laughed quietly. “Your lips are saying one thing, baby,” he moaned into Kris’s ear, “But you and I both know that your body is definitely saying something else.”
Kris remained speechless while Adam’s mouth continued its assault on his neck.
Kris let his head drop back to Adam’s chest. “We can’t do this,” he whispered. “It’s wrong.”
“It’s so wrong,” Adam whispered into his hair, “That it’s right.”
“Friends don’t do things like this.”
“I thought you said we weren’t friends, Kris,” Adam whispered, running his hands up to Kris’s chest. Kris moaned loudly when Adam’s fingers brushed lightly over his erect nipples. “Since we’re not friends anymore, then we’re perfectly in the clear to do what we want, when we want.” Bending down, Adam’s lips touched his ear. “Right?”
“Oh fuck,” Kris mumbled, reaching back and running his hand through Adam’s hair. Turning himself around, he grabbed the back of Adam’s neck and forced Adam’s lips onto his.
Adam pulled back instantly and searched Kris’s eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”
Kris shook his head, pulling Adam in again. “God, no,” he moaned. “Please don’t stop.”
There were no other words spoken as their soft kiss turned heated; their low moans turning into throaty, loud ones. The kisses became so intense that they left them both virtually breathless. They were both fighting to control their wandering hands and thrusting hips but it only took a minute for Kris to figure out that he would never be in control when it came to Adam.
Adam controlled him in every way possible. His kisses, his touches, and his very presence held control over him in a way no other man had.
He pulled back and yanked his shirt off first, followed by his sweatpants and underwear. And when he was finally completely naked in front of Adam, he closed his eyes. “I don’t know what it is about you…but I lose all control.”
Adam reached for Kris’s face and pulled his head up. “Don’t think for one minute that you don’t have the same affect on me,” he whispered, licking his lips. “Because you do, boy.”
He grabbed Kris’s waist and pulled him close, pushing his hand between their bodies and wrapped it around Kris. He bent down, enabling himself to have easier access to what he wanted.
What Kris wanted.
Quickly, his fingers moved around Kris’s cock. Swiftly and with such precision, he began working them in his magical way, occasionally applying a little pressure only to loosen his hold on Kris’s cock again.
“Oh God,” Kris moaned, his knees going weak with Adam’s touch. There was no stopping it now. Just the sight of Adam alone was enough to send him over the edge; Adam’s grasp on him was just the icing on the cake.
Adam’s arm wrapped around him tighter. “You like that, don’t you?”
“Hmm…Mmm…” Kris moaned, enjoying the sensations of Adam’s touch.
“You miss it, don’t you?”
“Hmm…Mmm…” Kris’s eyes closed when he felt his legs tremble even more. “You have no idea how much,” he barely managed to get out before his orgasm took over.
“You’re wrong there,” Adam whispered, kissing him passionately. “I know exactly how much.” He held Kris up and didn’t say anything more until he came back down from his high. “Brian doesn’t do that for you, does he?”
Instead of lashing out at his cruel accusation, Kris’s eyes flew open. The look on Adam’s face made him calm down instantly. Adam wasn’t saying it to be mean; he was saying it because he knew it was true. How he could tell was beyond Kris, but he knew. Somehow, he just knew. “No,” Kris whispered, shaking his head. “He doesn’t.”
“Does your sex life with him even compare to what we had?” Adam fell down to the floor and pulled Kris along with him. Once Kris was firmly lying on the ground, he propped Kris’s legs up on his shoulders. “Well…does it?”
The look in Adam’s eyes was making Kris’s insides melt. He could tell that Adam felt sorry for him. And he could tell where Adam was going next. He was going to make sure that Kris was satisfied again before he even thought about his own satisfaction. “I wouldn’t know,” Kris answered truthfully. “We don’t have sex.”
Adam’s eyes widened. “What do you mean you don’t have sex?”
Closing his eyes, Kris took in a deep breath. He knew that if he didn’t just shut up and let Adam do what he intended to do, he could very well ruin the moment. Taking his hand, he reached out to Adam’s head and tried to push him down.
“Just a minute,” Adam huffed, rising to his knees. He pulled Kris’s legs off his shoulders and rested his hands on Kris’s knees. “Why don’t you two have sex?”
The moment was ruined.
“Because Adam,” he stated, looking directly into Adam’s eyes. “I made a vow to you on our wedding day, promising to remain faithful and until we are no longer married, I intend on keeping that vow.”
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