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 Title: After All (Sequel to Can't Let You Go) - Chapter Fourteen
Rating: R
Pairings: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. The characters and events portrayed are fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
Note: A huge thank you to [info]bigj52. Thank you for being an amazing beta. I feel guilty for the amount of work I put you through with each story.

Chapter Fourteen

As soon as the last box was loaded in Bill’s car and they left, Adam jumped into his car and drove off. All he could think about was Kris in his arms, holding him, kissing him, the feel of his body next to his, making love with him over and over again.
As soon as Daniel was out of the house, Kris set the stage. The candles were burning, glasses were filled and soon Adam would be home. He had music playing softly. He chose his clothing carefully, dressing for the desired effect.
As soon as he pulled up in Kris’s driveway, Adam put the car in park and jumped out. He headed up the walk. He could see the flicker of candlelight through the window and smiled. Kris was good at setting a scene. He opened the door and stepped inside. He heard the music. He didn’t see Kris. As he came in the door Kris’s eyes ran over him, his raven hair, down his muscular shoulders and back, tapering to his waist. Kris’s eyes lingered at Adam’s ass, and he smiled just as Adam turned and saw him, behind him, behind the door. His brown eyes sparkled looking at Adam, and Adam could smell his cologne. Adam’s eyes locked on Kris then drifted down his body. He had a towel wrapped around him. Nothing more. As soon as his eyes found Kris’s again, Kris dropped the towel. Adam watched it fall and land in a pile at his feet. This time his eyes traveled up Kris’s body…slowly. Kris felt Adam’s eyes on him, sending a tingle across his skin. He watched the bulge in Adam’s pants grow. His eyes made it back to Kris’s and he saw where Kris was looking. He smiled and felt an ache. Adam ran his hand across the crotch of his jeans, and Kris’s eyes shot up to his. Neither of them breathed.
Who would make the first move?
Kris wasn’t completely sure Adam was real. Those blue eyes couldn’t be real. He reached to touch him. Adam’s eyes never left his, but he caught Kris’s hand. He pulled Kris toward him and placed Kris’s hand on his erection. He didn’t think it was possible, but Kris’s eyes got even darker. Kris didn’t think it was possible, but Adam’s eyes got even darker - dark with desire. He rubbed Adam and heard him moan low in his throat. Adam let go of Kris’s hand and placed his hand over Kris’s chest. He felt Kris’s nipple harden against his palm as his fingers pushed into his flesh. His thumb and forefinger squeezed the nipple as he continued to massage him. Kris ran his hands up Adam’s chest and found the space between the buttons on Adam’s shirt and ripped. Buttons flew. That was all it took. Adam stepped into him, backing him against the wall. His mouth crushed down on Kris’s. Kris ran his fingers through Adam’s hair and pulled him even closer to him, their tongues battling roughly. Kris’s nails scraped down Adam’s chest, back to his pants. He undid the button, the zipper, and reached inside to touch him. Adam moved away from Kris and pushed his jeans to the floor, letting them join the towel. Finally free. Kris’s grip was tight and pushing Adam right to the edge of losing control. Kris was against the wall again. Things started to move fast. Adam’s fingers, now wet with saliva, slid inside Kris, where they both desperately wanted them to be. Adam’s mouth stifled Kris’s moans. Kris pushed Adam’s torn shirt off his shoulders, and pushed Adam away to let it fall off him. Adam removed his fingers from Kris and brought them to his mouth. That struck Kris as infinitely intimate and erotic, and he let go . . .trusting in him. He pushed Adam against the wall this time, pulled his face down to his, and captured Adam’s bottom lip between his teeth. Adam’s hand slid into Kris’s hair and pulled him away. He looked into Kris’s eyes and kissed him. Kris grabbed Adam’s ass and held himself against Adam. Adam’s arm snaked around Kris’s waist and lifted him off the ground. He sank to his knees taking Kris with him. Once he was lubricated and the condom was on, he was buried inside Kris. Kris’s nails dug into Adam’s ass and left red marks up his back.
Adam slammed into him. Kris’s hips rose to meet him. They matched each other in speed and intensity. Adam grunted with each stroke and Kris’s breath caught each time their bodies connected. A muffled cry escaped him and Adam paused, wanting to make sure Kris was OK. The look on Kris’s face told him it was pleasure not pain that caused the sound. They kept up the hard and fast pace. Adam sucked the skin of Kris’s neck. Their breathing was ragged, and their moans became louder. Kris felt his body ready to explode, his orgasm coming. Closer and closer, just not there yet. The sounds coming from him were driving Adam absolutely wild. Kris grabbing him, Kris’s nails on his skin, and the feel of Kris’s body moving under him didn’t exactly have a calming effect. Kris cried out as his body finally gave in and without thinking he sunk his teeth into Adam’s shoulder. The pleasure and pain of him biting Adam combined with feeling his orgasm was the perfect combination to wrack his body with waves of pleasure. He pushed himself deep inside Kris as he came, his face buried in Kris’s hair.
They lay there clinging to one another waiting for their bodies to calm. Adam rolled off Kris and lay on his back on the floor next to him, still breathing heavily. Kris lay on Adam’s arm, not moving either. Neither had spoken a word since Adam walked in. Communication had taken another form. Kris moved to his side, nuzzled up to Adam’s ear, and whispered, "I . . . love . . . you."
Adam smiled and turned his head to look at him, "I love you too, Kris." They kissed softly. This sex had been nothing like they’d ever had together. Adam kissed Kris’s nose and his fingers drew circles on his back, "You are…this was… incredible." He got that smirk, "You bit me!"
Kris licked his lips, "Couldn’t be helped. I lost control."
Adam wrapped Kris in his arms, "I could tell. I loved that. Me too."
"I could tell."
Adam was always concerned about him, "You OK? I didn’t hurt you, did I?"
There were the chills, "No, baby. You didn’t hurt me. I loved it. Thank you", he kissed Adam again.
Adam wasn’t sure what that was about, "Thanks for what?"
Kris smiled at him, "For trusting me enough to let go."
"Thank you," was Kris’s reply.
"What for?"
"Just being you, so I could."
Kris turned to his stomach, popped up on his knees and started crawling toward the bedroom, "Come on."
Adam liked the view. He liked the view a lot. Watching Kris crawl down the hallway naked, he felt himself get hard again. He moved to his knees and took off after him, catching up with him halfway down the hall to their bedroom. He grabbed Kris’s foot, stopping his movement away from him. Kris looked over his shoulder, eyebrow raised. There was that smirk again. Adam continued crawling over him and began kissing at the base of Kris’s spine, his mouth and tongue leaving a trail up his spine, small light kisses combined with licks, and gentle sucks. Kris felt himself get dizzy. Adam kissed along his shoulder as his hand moved around and wrapped around his cock. Kris moaned, "God, Adam, yes."
Adam eased himself inside Kris again, "You feel so good". He continued to kiss Kris’s shoulder, gently biting at him. His other went to caress his face. Kris turned and caught one of Adam’s fingers in his mouth and sucked it, keeping time with his thrusts. Kris’s teeth scraped down the length of Adam’s finger as he pulled it from his mouth.
"Insane. You’re making me insane. Damn, Adam. What was I thinking, letting you go like that?"
Adam was in heaven, both of them letting go of any inhibitions they had, reveling in the pleasure their bodies created. He rose to his knees and ran his hands across Kris’s back, squeezing his ass, holding onto his hips as he moved himself inside him. Kris turned his head to see Adam. His eyes were crazy, taking in every inch of him, not knowing where to stop. His mind was racing at the same speed. He couldn’t stop to focus. Adam didn’t know what he wanted, besides Kris. "Baby, tell me what you want. How do you want this?"
Adam’s question blew Kris’s mind and made the decision for him, "Harder, Adam, harder."
Adam obliged him, pulling almost completely out of Kris then driving himself in. Kris tightened his muscles, offering Adam an incredible degree of resistance, bracing himself for their collision. Once deep inside Kris, Adam would move his hips against his, both of them savoring that feeling. He knew that he couldn’t keep this up, "I don’t have much longer, baby, I can’t hold on. This is too much."
Kris’s voice was as breathless as his, "Don’t stop. . . feels so good . . . I want to hear you . . . come for me . . . please, Adam."
His "please" got Adam. He wrapped his arm around Kris’s stomach and held him as he plunged deeper and harder inside Kris. Their moans and noises became louder. Kris dropped his head to the floor repeating, "Yes . . . Adam . . . oh . . . yes!"
Adam felt his orgasm start, "Kris, I can’t stop. Oh shit . . . baby." He let out a long groan that was almost a growl and held Kris’s hips tightly against him as he came, hard. He fell back on his ass leaning against the wall, taking Kris with him. Their mouths met in an intense kiss that gradually softened, ending with Kris turned around in Adam’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck, his around Kris’s body, their heads each others’ shoulder. Adam cradled Kris in his arms, stood up and carried him upstairs and into the bedroom, "Whew! Made it this time. You leading the way could have taken us hours." He laid him on the bed.
Kris shifted as Adam crawled into bed beside him. “I love you,” Adam whispered, running his hand over Kris' head. “Not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about how much I love you.” It felt good to finally be able to tell Kris what he’d been feeling all along. He never did stop loving Kris and he never would. Kris was his soul mate. Kris would always be his soul mate.
“I love you too,” Kris whispered evenly, lifting his head to look Adam in the eyes. “I never stopped loving you either, Adam.” His smile brightened even the dreariest of moments. “I’m just sorry that I let it go on for as long as I did.”
His eyes flooded with tears. Tears that were undoubtedly caused by happiness, sadness and relief. It was exactly what Adam was feeling. The love he felt for the man clinging on to him couldn’t be described by words. Words wouldn’t do justice for what his heart actually felt.

“You were the one I always wanted.” Kris closed his eyes, shifting his weight against Adam slightly when his hand reached out and touched his face. “I never doubted that.”

When Kris' hand touched his face, Adam's eyes instantly closed. “You, Mr. Kris Allen-Lambert, are the one I always wanted and always will.” Adam opened his eyes, silently asking Kris to do the same. “We’re soul mates, Kris. Forever.”

Kris smiled at him, tears spilling down his cheeks. His eyes were barely visible through his lashes, but the intensity was still there. “I don’t want anything to ever come between us again…promise me that nothing will,” he murmured, laying his head on Adam's chest. “Promise me.”

“I swear, sweetheart,” Adam obliged, squeezing him tightly. “That nothing or no one will ever drive us apart again.”

The End

 A.N / Thank you everyone for reading this story. After twenty-six months of being a part of this fandom, and giving it a lot of thought, I believe it is time for me to move on. A lot of things have changed over the time which I won't bore you with. This is just a thank-you note and written to let you know that this journal will not be updated anymore.
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