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Title: Silent Cries, Mighty Echoes - Chapter Nine
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Word Count: 3,610
Rating: R
Warning: Slash Connotation
Summary: Tommy is second guessing his choices, and he is not the only one.
Note: Story title taken from Eloy's eight album.
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. The characters and events are fictious.
Special Thanks: To my fabulous beta reader, [info]bigj52. You are gold!

Chapter Nine

Tommy was restless. Even in his sleep, he couldn’t get Adam out of his mind. One minute he’d be daydreaming about Adam, and the next minute he’d really be dreaming about him. And trying to keep himself busy didn’t help. He missed Adam and it had only been a week since leaving the island and leaving his old life behind.

As he packed his last box, he sat down on the floor and looked around. When it was all said and done, looking at what he’d packed, he really didn’t have that much. Most of what he had belonged to Amanda in the long run. His things were being moved back into his mother’s house for now. He needed to find a few gigs before he could get out on his own again.

Tommy laughed as he thought back about how Anne called him after only being back in town for twenty-four hours. She wanted Amanda’s things moved out immediately and Tommy whole-heartedly agreed with her.

After hanging up the phone with her, it was only a matter of an hour before a moving truck was there. Obviously they wanted Tommy out of their lives just as much as Tommy wanted to be out of their lives. Despite everything that had happened though, Tommy was a little sad about the whole thing. It felt like a chapter in his life was closing.

And an unknown new one was beginning.

Tommy went to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. Opening the can, he hopped up on the counter and sat Indian style one last time. It was always a favorite position of his.

Hearing a knock at the door, Tommy remembered that his mother said that she might be stopping by. “It’s open – come in!”

The door opened slowly and Tommy gasped when he saw Adam peeking around the door. Adam smiled when he saw him and then shut the door behind him. Tommy was just about to hop down when Adam held up his hand. “I’ll come to you.”

He smiled. “Hi.”


There was silence.
And it seemed like an eternity.

“What’s going on?” Tommy asked.

Adam looked around the room. Surveying the situation, he chuckled. “Evidently nothing compared to you.”

Tommy glanced around the room too. “Yeah…just getting ready to move back home.”

“I can see that.” He walked around the room and counted the boxes out loud.

Fifteen boxes total. And out of those boxes, nine of them were filled with clothes and guitars. His life had been reduced to fifteen boxes…

When Adam came out of his bedroom, he smiled again. “So…I see Anne’s been here already.”

Tommy laughed. “What makes you say that? My lack of furniture?”

Adam nodded.

“Well, if I would’ve kept the bed, she probably would’ve taken me to court.” He shrugged. “It’s okay though…I didn’t want anything of theirs anyway.”

Adam jumped up on the countertop. He sat with his legs and feet dangling over the edge. “So…I’m thinking my place has enough room for all your things.”

What? Adam wasn’t just asking him to move in with him, was he? “I’m moving back home with my mom, Adam.”

Adam turned to him. “That’s fine…when you can’t take the home life anymore…you know where I am and don’t worry about the room – your fifteen boxes will hardly make a dent.”

Tommy slapped him on the arm. “Hey now…be nice. My whole life fits in just fifteen boxes…how sad is that?”

Adam laughed and turned back to looking at the boxes. “Your whole life isn’t in those boxes, Tommy…you know that.”

Tommy nodded. “It just feels that way right now.”

Adam titled his head when he looked at Tommy again. “So?”

“So what?”

He winked. “So when are you going to bite the bullet and ask me out?”

Tommy coughed and then peered at him. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, come on, Tommy…you know you want me.” Adam jumped down off the counter and then turned around. He reached for Tommy and pulled him to the edge of the counter so that he was standing in between Tommy’s legs that were now dangling from the edge. “It’s written all over your face.”

“Wipe that smug look off your face, dude…it’s not helping you out here at all.”

Adam ran his hand along his face and then smiled sweetly. “Better?”

Tommy shook his head.

Suddenly, Adam’s face became really serious. And just by the look, Tommy knew that Adam wasn’t going to wait around forever for Tommy to come to him. “We’ve known each other a long time, Tommy…how much longer am I gonna have to wait to claim what’s mine?”

Tommy snapped his head forward. “You want to claim me?”

Adam’s face didn’t show any emotion. “I want you…you want me…you’re available now…how much longer am I gonna have to wait? Fairy tales always have a happy ending, Tommy…always.”

While Tommy knew what Adam was saying was true, he also knew that this wasn’t a book that they were talking about. “This isn’t a book, Adam…it’s our lives,” He whispered.

“But it’s fairy tale, handsome…boy meets boy, boy likes boy, boy wants boy…”

Tommy laughed. “I like how you stressed the word ‘wants’.”

Adam smiled. “I do want you…I think I’ve always wanted you.”

Tommy smiled back at him. He wanted Adam too. But was he ready? It had only been a week since his break-up with Amanda. That really wasn’t much time to try and sort through his feelings for Adam, was it?

Then again, he’d loved Adam for a long time. He’d just denied his feelings for Adam, but they were there. When he looked back up at Adam, he looked like he was trying to read Tommy’s mind.

“You need to stop thinking so much and just go with what your heart is telling you.” He placed his hand over Tommy’s heart. “Your heart already knows how you want this to play out…now you need to just let yourself…” His words were cut short by Tommy’s lips.

Adam was right. He was right. Deep down, Tommy knew he was right. Tommy’s heart knew it too. Now, he needed to let Adam know.

Adam’s mouth felt good. His lips were soft. His face was rough and Tommy loved how it scratched his face slightly as he moved. Tommy pulled back from their kiss and ran his hand along Adam’s chin and cheeks. “I love your face.”

He mumbled quietly, “You do, huh?”

“Yeah…I really really do.”

Adam brought his lips to Tommy’s again. His mouth opened wide as he took control of their kiss. Placing his hand on Tommy’s forehead, he pushed Tommy’s head back and zeroed in on his neck.

God, the butterflies in Tommy’s stomach were wild. He never had butterflies with Amanda, never. He wanted Adam in a way he’d never wanted anyone else before.

Lifting his arms up, Tommy asked Adam to help him take his shirt off. Together, they removed his shirt.

Adam moaned when he saw Tommy just sitting there, showing off his tattoos. Of course, Tommy still had his jeans on, but he didn’t care. He slid Tommy closer so that he was able to pick him up off the counter. Tommy’s legs were wrapped around his waist as they headed out of the living room.

Looking all around, Adam let out a little laugh. “You know…we could always go back to Lane’s place.”


Adam looked at Tommy and placed another hot, wet kiss on his lips. “Yeah…she has a place here in Burbank and I’m staying there for the week.”

“Is she there?”

Adam looked at him wickedly. “No…we got the house all to ourselves and you should see the view of the garden from her tub in the bathroom…it’s incredible.” He placed Tommy down on the floor.

“You’ve been in her tub before?” Tommy put his hands on his hips. “With someone else?”

Adam stepped closer and put his mouth right up to Tommy’s ear. “You getting jealous on me again?”

“Maybe,” he whispered.

“Good. I like it when you’re jealous.” His mouth opened and he took in Tommy’s earlobe. Tommy moaned, closing his eyes and without any warning, Adam bent down and scooped him up in his arms. “Okay…I can’t wait until we get back to Lane’s house…so what’re we gonna do here?”

Tommy threw his head back and laughed. “What’s wrong, Adam?” He took his hand and rubbed it along his chest, moaning a little to get his point across.

“Oh God, Tommy…” Adam put him down. Crouching down, he brought his lips to Tommy’s nipple. Tommy arched his back and grabbed Adam’s head.

Without saying a word, Adam knew what Tommy wanted. And he gave Tommy just what he wanted.

“Adam…” Tommy’s head fell back and to the side. Opening his eyes, he looked at one of his boxes and instantly had an idea. “Adam…” He pulled his lips from Adam’s and walked over to one of the boxes. Opening it up, he started throwing all his clothes out into a huge pile.

“Tommy…what the hell are you doing?”

He laughed. “Making the wooden floor soft…it’ll be more comfortable then.”

Adam watched Tommy without saying a word and after he had the third box emptied, Adam pulled Tommy to him. “Okay…I think we’ll be okay now.” Their noses were touching. “Honestly…I don’t think we would’ve even noticed the wooden floor once we got going.”

“Don’t be saying that now…” Tommy rolled his eyes, frowning as he took a seat on the floor. “You are going to help me refold them all, right?”

Adam winked and pushed Tommy back against the clothes. “I might be too tired…”

Tommy grabbed his arm and pulled Adam down on top of him. “Then how about if I do all the work?” He licked his lips and winked. “That way you won’t be too tired to help fold.”

Adam answered him with a moan. Tommy smiled at Adam’s reaction and then frowned when he heard the doorbell ring.

Adam’s answer to that was another moan, followed by a sharp demand. “Don’t answer it…they’ll go away.”

Tommy got up and walked over to the door. “I’ve got to…it’s probably my mom. Just a minute,” he said, grabbing the closest shirt that was on the floor. He didn’t have the time to search through the mess for the shirt he’d put on that morning.

“Hi, mom.” Tommy opened the door and turned around to see what Adam was doing. He was still sitting in the same spot. Only now he had a couple pieces of clothing strategically located over his private parts. Tommy let out a little laugh and then turned back to his mom. “Adam’s here.”

His mom walked in. “Hi, Adam…I thought you were in LA.”

“I was…but I thought I’d come here and check on Tommy.” Adam didn’t move from his spot. He did sit up though and started grabbing the clothes to fold them, making it look like he was helping with the packing stages of Tommy’s move.

She turned around completely. “Oh, I see…” She shook her head at Tommy. “Is this how you pack, dear? By throwing everything out of your closets?”

Tommy looked at Adam. “Well…not really.”

“This place is an absolute mess…you’d better not think you’re gonna live this way once you move back home with me, young man.” She placed her purse down and then looked over at Tommy again. “And what’s with the outfit, dear? I thought you hated that shirt.”

Tommy looked himself over. He had his most hideous shirt on. “Oh…”

Adam burst out laughing. “Tommy, she’s right…what were you thinking, wearing that thing? I’m not going to go out in public with you if you insist on dressing that way.”

Tommy shot him a nasty look. “Oh, don’t worry…I won’t tarnish your reputation for being a hip dresser. In fact,” he lingered momentarily, scratching his head. “You can wear your skirts and I’ll wear my tux when we go out…how’s that sound?”

Adam winked at him. “Sounds good, honey.”

His mom’s head whipped around to Adam. “You wear skirts?”

“Once…only once…that I can remember,” he said earnestly. “I wore a damn kilt one time and I still haven’t been able to live it down.” He looked at Tommy, shooting him a disgusted look. “Thanks for reminding me yet again, honey.”

She swung around and looked at Tommy before looking at Adam again. “Honey? Are you two…” she pointed at them both and then shook her head. “Did I interrupt something here?” She grabbed her purse and walked towards the door, “Oh, never mind…I don’t want to know. Tommy…call me when you’re ready to move your things.” She looked back at Adam, opening the door. “Nice to see you again, Adam.”

“You too.”

She smiled at him. “Maybe I’ll be seeing more of you in the future?”

Adam smiled at Tommy then at his mom. “If I have my way…you’ll be seeing me a lot more in the future……..mom.”

Tommy’s eyes grew large. “Adam!”

She laughed. “I like a man who knows what he wants. Good-bye, you two.” She shut the door behind her, laughing along the way.

Tommy picked up a nearby pillow and threw it at Adam. “I can’t believe you just called her ‘mom’!”

Adam caught the pillow. “Hey…she thought it was cute.”

“And why didn’t you get up?” He eyed Adam suspiciously. “Were you indisposed for some reason?”

Adam smiled and looked down. “Why don’t you come see for yourself?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Tommy smiled and then plopped down next to him on the floor.

“Turn around,” he demanded.

Tommy turned around and Adam spread his legs so he could scoot back. Adam pulled him back so Tommy was leaning against his chest. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around. “So…are we okay now?”

Tommy looked back at him. “How do you mean?”

“Have you forgiven me yet for not telling you about Amanda cheating on you?”

Tommy, with his head still turned to Adam, leaned his head against Adam’s chest. “I know that what you did was out of friendship…for both of us.”

“So we’re okay?”
Tommy smiled at him. “We’re better than okay.”

He turned back around and they both were quiet for some time.

Adam kissed him on the top of his head and then whispered in his ear, “You know how much I love you, right?”

Tommy nodded. “As much as I love you, I hope,” he whispered.

“That’s why I came here,” Adam confirmed. “I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget that. You know the old saying…out of sight, out of mind.”

Tommy felt the butterflies again. “I’d never put you out of my mind…ever.”

Adam’s arms tightened around him. “So where do we go from here?”

Tommy shrugged and shyly answered him, “Hopefully to Lane’s house.”

Adam let out a little laugh. “I mean, after that.”

Tommy’s face flushed a little. “Oh…I guess you head back to LA and I move in with my mom for now and see where it takes us.” He turned around to face Adam. “I need to find a new gig. Maybe I could find one in LA? Who knows?”

“I’d like that, I really would.” Adam lifted his chin so that Tommy was looking at him. “I don’t want us to be apart, Tommy.”

“Me either.”

“We’ve spent the last few years fooling around,” he said, eyes suddenly becoming clouded over with a seriousness that Tommy'd never seen. "I don’t want to spend a few more doing that again.”

“I feel the same way…so we’re in this for the long haul?”

“Till the end, baby…you and me.”

Tommy cocked his head. “Are you sure you’re not going to tire of me?”

Adam shook his head. “I will never tire of you.”

“Even when your fan boys start throwing themselves at you?”

His forehead wrinkled. “Well…”

Tommy hit him.

“You’re the only one I want, Tommy.” He cocked his head to the side now. “And what about you? What happens when your fans start throwing themselves at you?”

“Like that will ever happen. They like me because I’m your bass player.” He laughed, shaking his head. “And even if they did…usually only girls are after me …so you’ll be okay.”

Adam grabbed his hands. “Oh, you have some fan boys too…trust me.”

Tommy smiled at him, “If I do, you can rest assured that you’ll be the only one I want. I know now that you were the only one I really ever wanted. And for as much as you went through trying to show me…I thank you.”

Adam leaned forward and pulled him in. Placing a gentle kiss on Tommy’s lips, Adam laid back and pulled Tommy down on top of him. “How bad do you want me?”

Tommy’s voice was husky with desire, “Bad.”

“Are you sure you want to head over to Lane’s house? It’s about an hour drive.”

“An hour?” Tommy gasped, appalled at the thought. “I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

Adam’s hand went up the back of Tommy’s shirt. “I know I can’t.”

He roughly pulled Tommy’s shirt up. Sitting up slightly, Tommy returned the favor by pulling Adam’s shirt off.  He froze as he stared at Adam’s naked chest.

“What’s wrong?”

Tommy tried to smile. “Just nervous, that’s all.”

Adam’s gaze traveled from his chest to his face. “I’m the one who’s nervous.”


Adam reached for him and pulled him down again. “It’s been a long time for me, baby…a long time.”

Tommy looked at him questionably. “You don’t think you’ve forgotten how, do you?”

Adam laughed, placing a kiss on his nose. “God, I hope not.” He kissed Tommy on the lips to quieten his laughter. “I just hope you’re not too disappointed, that’s all.”

“Disappointed with what?”

He lowered his voice, “With how long I last. I might only be able to hold out for a few minutes.”

Tommy sat up abruptly. “A few minutes? You mean I’ve waited this long and you’re only gonna last for a few minutes?”

Adam pulled him back down. “Just be thankful I don’t have to be at the studio for a week. That’s a long time to build up my endurance.”

Tommy threw his head back and laughed. “And if that doesn’t happen?”

“We have a whole lifetime to work at it, right?”

Tommy lifted his head and cupped Adam’s face with his hands. “A whole lifetime, Adam.”


When the chauffeured car pulled up to the club, Tommy started to panic. He had been invited to an album wrap party. This was his first public appearance as a song writer and he was alone. He should’ve postponed it until Adam was back in town. He needed Adam here with him.
Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and that was when he heard the car door open. Looking over, he saw Adam standing there, as handsome as ever. Tommy bent down, smiling at him. “What’re you doing here?”

Adam climbed in and shut the door. “You didn’t think I’d miss this, did you?”

“But what about…”

Adam silenced him with a kiss. And when his lips finally left Adam’s, he was speechless. It happened to him just about every time Adam kissed him that way.

"I have my ways...let's just leave it at that."

Tommy placed a hand on his tummy. “I’ve got butterflies.”

Adam laughed. “You always get butterflies when I’m around, don’t you?”

Tommy smiled. “Always and if it isn’t butterflies…then it’s my heart skipping a beat.” He looked out the window and then back to Adam. “Maybe I should’ve kept my pseudonym.”

Adam pulled him into his arms. “Will you please stop second guessing yourself,” he said, kissing Tommy’s head. “Besides…you don’t look like a Duke anyway.”

Tommy laughed. It felt like the same conversation they’d had six months earlier when Adam finally convinced him to use his real name. Adam was proud of him and he wanted the world to know it.

When Tommy sent his finished work out to over three dozen agencies a year ago, he went under his pseudonym. He didn’t want any special treatment whatsoever from anyone. Tommy wanted to sell his work on his own merit. And after thirty-five rejections, he did just that.

“Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?”

Tommy relaxed in his arms. Adam told him at least once a day. “Just this morning.”

“Well…I am very proud of you. You did this, Tommy.” He waved towards the club. “Now get in there…you shouldn’t keep them waiting.”

“Aren’t you coming?” Tommy asked in a panic.

Adam kissed him passionately on the lips before looking directly into his eyes. “No…this is your night.”

“But I want you with me.”

“I’m always with you, you know that,” he whispered. “Just like you’re always with me, even when you’re not. But today, it’s just about you, honey. I’ll wait right here for you………now go!”

Tommy opened the door, took a deep breath and got out of the car.

“Just one more thing, Tommy.”

Tommy crouched down and stuck his head back inside. “Yeah?”

Adam handed him a copy of the album, Silent Cries, Might Echoes, and a pen. “Do you think maybe your boyfriend here could have an autographed copy?”

Tommy’s smile grew as the tears started to form. “I love you, Adam.” He took the album and the sharpie. Staring at it briefly, he opened it.

I will love you for a lifetime.

The End

A.N / Thank you everyone for reading this story. After twenty-six months of being a part of this fandom, and giving it a lot of thought, I believe it is time for me to move on. A lot of things have changed over the time which I won't bore you with. This is just a thank-you note and written to let you know that this journal will not be updated anymore.

Date: 2011-12-14 11:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] moviebuff83.livejournal.com
I loved this so much. I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving the fandom, your stories are so great. I do have to say you're leaving on a wonderful nite with your last story. Bravo!


Date: 2011-12-14 01:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fritzie2a-t.livejournal.com
Such a good ending to this story. So glad to see that Adam and Tommy are together and happy. I will miss this story !

Sorry to see that you are leaving this fandom. But things change in life, and sometimes you just have to move on. I will miss your stories. Best wishes to you in whatever you choose to do next. Thank you for the work you have shared with us.

Date: 2011-12-14 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ryungs.livejournal.com
I've been in love with this story from the first! And now, really happy to see HAPPY ENDING. I'm so sorry to hear that you leave this fandom, but thank you for giving us this amazing story. <3

Date: 2011-12-14 06:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] asherly89.livejournal.com
I loved reading your stories and am sad to see you go. Hope you have fun in all your new adventures.

Date: 2011-12-14 06:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] huntersprey.livejournal.com
Such a happy ending to a beautifully angsty story. You are a great writer and I wanted to thank you for writing these stories that have kept me entertained all the way through. Sorry to hear that you're leaving the fandom, but if you need to move on, you've just gotta go with what you feel is right for you. *hugs*

Date: 2011-12-14 08:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hannab2.livejournal.com
I loved this story. I'm so glad there was a happy ending, and that you really made them work for it. No quick solutions to a situation like that. But they belonged together!

Thank you for finishing this and not just abandoning it because you're moving on. Good luck! I hope you find fun and excitement! :)

Date: 2011-12-14 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kradam52.livejournal.com
WOW........great epilogue!!!!!!! Fantastic story, have followed from the beginning and always looked forward to another update. Your writing is brilliant!!
So sorry to hear you are leaving this fandom. :( I have followed Can't Let You Go, After All and this Fic and have LOVED them all, such compelling stories. You will be greatly missed in this fandom. Best of luck on your new adventures.

Date: 2011-12-15 07:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dayflower1.livejournal.com
Thank you for this final portion of this beautiful story. Your writings are very well done & lovely to read. We understand life changes, I hope its for the better. Remember fanfiction will always be here, when & if you have time & the writing desire. You already have the talent, keep your writing skills up, if even for your own satisfaction. I'll miss you, thanks for all your time spent writing for us fans!!



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